The idea of selling a home in winter can strike fear in the heart of any homeowner.  But we are here to tell you, it can be done.   Buyers do not stop their home search just because there is snow on the ground or the temperatures dipped below freezing.  I can tell you this from first-hand experience climbing through drifts to show homes in the thick of it.

Many Buyers, especially those relocating, are on a schedule.  Sure there are fewer Buyers looking, but there are also fewer homes on the market.  With diminished competition, you can grab an advantage over those who wait for the sun to come out.

Also if you are not yet ready to put your home on the market, now is the perfect time to start your "Honey Do" list for the spring market.  Should I paint?  Do I need to re-carpet?  Would adding vinyl siding increase my home's value?

If you are not sure where to begin, just contact us.  We are happy to help you get your list together and help you avoid the pitfalls where money can be lost in the long run.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Tia & Jane