Iowa City 101: Fundamentals of Iowa City Living is a publication we put together as a quick and easy reference guide for those of you visiting and getting to know Iowa City for the first time.  We highlighted some of our favorite places in town as well as some of the well known spots.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything the area has to offer but it's a "Beginners Guide" to get you started in exploring what Iowa City has to offer.


Iowa City 101 - a guide to living & selling my house in Iowa City,IA


The "book", as we have come to affectionately refer it, is broken down into the following sections:


Metro Area Information



Good Eats



Coffee, Tea & Sweets


Fitness Centers

Parks & Recreation

Festivals & Events

Fun For Everyone

Fun For Dogs


in-FORE-mation (Golf)

Road Trip


Health Care

Browse the Table of Contents to see a break down of the information in each section.